Watch live football in TUNDRA!

Watch live football in TUNDRA!

Loyal football fans will have a chance to watch all most important matches in TUNDRA!

  • Play-off for third place: July 12 23:00
  • Final: July 13 22:00
There won‘t be any time to get bored in TUNDRA!

There won‘t be any time to get bored in TUNDRA!

After celebrating its 10th anniversary alternative electronic music festival TUNDRA has also matured even more workshops and daytime activities!


After night celebrations you will get a chance to recover and recreate at HARMONY & HEALING area. Eastern massages, gong baths, meditation, sound treatment, yoga, Reiki Tao Te Ki, Tai Chi, Shaolin chi gong – each soul will get recharged and prepared for the next night there. There will also be a possibility to feed one‘s mind by listening to lectures about laws of fortune, self-knowledge, relationships, and endless perfection.

During the DAYTIME ACTIVITIES you will get a chance to spend time surrounded by amazing people and find new friends at the workshops, buy original, hand-made souvenirs, and also create something unique and genuine by yourselves. After painting faces with fluorescent paint you will be baptized for the evening fun!

Good news for FIFA fans – TUNDRA will provide and opportunity to watch all most important matches.



The weather is getting warmer because of the hot news from TUNDRA world. The list of performers and area decorators is finally announced! It‘s not an Icarus dream, but news from the promised land.

KRANKISS - the creators of harsh, crooked, weird, abrasive, but at the same time cheerful sounds who started their career in 2000 by launching a project “Afromusic“ are joining techno stage. They are going to give all their musical energy to the listeners with a mad sound hurricane on the stage. X-RAY, without whom Lithuanian hard music scene is unimaginable, is going to set fire to the dance floor. A producer, DJ, radio show ““ host, a soul of “Soulred Records“ label, event organizer, and Belarus jungle and d‘n‘b pioneer REDCATZ is going to export a quality music rhythm from his vinyl collection. Meanwhile, a project of a musician, producer, sound engineer, and dj from Belgium, OWL, will let us feel the mysterious numinous owl flight in a forest, drowning in mystique and evolving 140/170 bpm, leading its paths to progressive, deep cosmic ecstasy.

In TUNDRA we are happy to have a number of unique artists with an educated taste and ear for music. One of them is Averin Andrey from Ukraine. He is going to present three different projects: SHIVAૐ, LACERTA, and ART IMAGINATION. You will get a chance to make sure that human potentiality is limitless. German Patrick, calling himself CORACOIDEUS (a black crow nib) is going to infect you with Psy trance bug and then lead you to a comfortable and cozy chill-out tent.

Eclectic beach has been filled with an unexpectedly vast list of artists who are going to assure a sunny afternoon on a sandy beach. ARTIS B2B VIZIONIERIAI are going to surprise you with an absolutely festival-made, dynamic, live performance. You will see three DJs playing at the same time using three different decks! An old drum and bass wolf RECIN` is coming back to Lithuania from UK specially for TUNDRA. He is going to freshen up listeners with a d‘n‘b cocktail, enriched with jungle ice cubes.

Feelings and emotions area, freed in music, will be flattered not only by the best decorators in Lithuania, but also guests and 3D mapping masters from Latvia, Ukraine, Germany, and Brazil. Works here speak better than words so you can find more information about the atmosphere creators and TUNDRA artists here.

Tundra'14 video

You haven‘t had a summer yet, if you haven‘t been to TUNDRA!

Tundra-bus tickets

Tundra-bus tickets

Good news for those who would like to start partying even before reaching TUNDRA venue! Tundrabuses are going to safely, and nicely bring you to the festival venue and back! There are many reasons why to choose a tundrabus: you are going to find new fellows, and future camping neighbours, you won‘t need to analyse the territory map and worry about getting to the festival, you won‘t need to think how to find five people to fill the car in and to fit all your stuff into a tiny truck, won‘t need to worry about the money for gas and a parking fee, meanwhile Mother Nature is going to thank you for this ecological choice by sharing a good weather during the festival!


  • The tickets will be available until July 7, 12:00.
  • You can only purchase a return ticket.
  • Limited amount of tickets!


  • Kaunas -> Aviliai II (departure July 10, 6:00 PM; price 60 Lt)
  • Vilnius -> Aviliai II (departure July 10, 8:00 PM; price 50 Lt)


  • Aviliai II -> Kaunas (departure July 13, 12:00)
  • Aviliai II -> Vilnius (departure July 13, 12:00)
Tickets available on
60 % Of TUNDRA Stars Emerge

60 % Of TUNDRA Stars Emerge

On a miraculous St John‘s night, while looking for a fern blossom, a decrescent moon projection has enlightened the second part of TUNDRA star-map, lying under the tree of knowledge and sparkling in the colours of the rainbow.

We‘re delighted to announce that long-expected Swedish gemstone NOBODY HOME (aka MINILOGUE) who will help us to understand that the line between reality and fiction is very thin and lead to an inner journey that will make us let go ourselves from expectations, projections, and fears is coming to TUNDRA! Meanwhile CASSEGRAIN is going to share their dark, raw, uncompromising techno, and UK influenced sounds, that had already been appreciated by such electronic music giants as Speedy J, Lucy, Peter Van Hoesen, and many others.

Emotional and mental senses will be undoubtedly stimulated by Bass stage guest of honour - intellectual, deep, and dark drum & bass producer from Finland – FANU who, after releasing on such labels as “Subtitles“, “Commercial Suicide“, and “Offshore“ eventually started his own label “Lightless Recordings“.

You won‘t be able to withhold yourself from dancing when DJ K who evoked a real newschool jungle renaissance in the world will start sharing his sounds based on unique d‘n‘b and jungle interpretations.

The ones who will be eager to experience the furthest corners of their consciousness will be invited to the chill-out tent where Hungarian Zoltan who calls himself KALUMET IN DUB is going to use dub, ambient, and folk-core rhythms to join the four elements and the two main opposites – good and bad. You will definitely see a river, flowing from Eden garden to a magic temple.

Meanwhile the project of Papa Lele WISEMAN DUB will use roots, reggae, digital dub, and dancehall sounds from vinyls to fly you to the South Italian vineyards that smell like honey enriched with acacia and magnolia notes.


And that‘s not it yet, will be continued! A more detailed TUNDRA star-map can be found here.



Have you ever though what kind of melodies would follow your flight if you were the wind? Have you ever searched for the sixth ideal continent in an island sky, on a mysterious, starlit night, where your soul would settle as a bird?
Electronic music festival TUNDRA in a collaboration with full-moon this evening lightens your entity and uncovers 30 percent of each – Techno, Bass, Chill-out, and two beach stages line-up. TUNDRA‘s musical star-map is getting brighter!

Producing an extremely qualitative, dark, groovy techno, having released even 45 well-evaluated vinyls, Spanish duo EXIUM promises to move the foundation of the stage sacred to Techno style, meanwhile an Irish duo LAKKER, who create a unique intricate techno sound, varying from haunting and raw to bass driven industrial melodies, pays a  a lot of attention to a visual expression, so we are looking forward to see their exclusive gig in TUNDRA.

In Bass stage another remarkable guest is going to wear a massive TUNDRA crown – it‘s jungle breakcore wizard FFFThe colleague of Bong-Ra, who has already become a TUNDRA symbol, FFF sets fire to the dance floor with chopped breaks, deadly deep bass waves, soundclash mentality and pure euphoria.
Hypnotizing rhythms will be provided by one of the most significant new school ragga-jungle pioneers from overseas – PAULIE WALNUTS.
In the mystical Chill-out tent a lucid dream surrealism will be spread, because you will be the first ones to hear and see how familiar to all electronic music fans as a hardcore old-timer X-RAY is going to fulfil his old dream. In Psy beach SUNFLOWER is going to present his newest psy/prog trance gig, prepared exclusively for TUNDRA, meanwhile in the Eclectic beach good energy streams will be shared by VĖJOPATIS.

These are only the first whiffs, the announcements to be continued! Until then, more information can be found here:

( All preliminary Psy stage line-up can be found here )

Psy Trance stage line-up disclosed!

Psy Trance stage line-up disclosed!

This year, the old-timer crew Tranceformers will manage the dedicated psy-trance stage only for the first two nights, leaving the last night of the festival to Swamptales and Forest Freaqs. The two teams will make sure a real boiling hell of megafast beats is set. A generuous promise has been made by the devoted group of the stage coordinators – fullon, progressive, dark psychedelic, hitech fans will leave the festival in a shiny ear-to-ear smiling state.


Let's peek at the first performers! The psychedelic kingdom of this year's TUNDRA is really rich and colourful: Chilean sound engineer and founder of Antu Records Chile brings his project ITAL to shower the audience in pure positivity, meanwhile Italian master of extremities Alberto Zattu will harmonise everyone's minds with his unique cyberdelic project GOTALIEN, and LOONEY (Kyriakos K. from Greece) will turn himself into a source of intense, hypnotising and unpredictably twisted psychedelic sounds.

More cake? The two thirds of the Psy Trance stage line-up is already available here. Stay tuned!

Registration of participants and volunteers is now open!

Registration of participants and volunteers is now open!

As the weather is getting warmer every day, we are constantly reminded that TUNDRA is coming soon. This post is for everyone who would like to and could help by supervising, organizing, driving, feeding, cleaning, treating, entertaining, decorating, teaching, surprising, telling, or showing...


The scents, points of interest, and craziness of TUNDRA’14 will only depend on all of us. There‘s no time for procrastination, become a part of TUNDRA today!

We‘ll be looking forward to your registration until the indicated deadlines. Volunteers who will manage to fill in application forms correctly and in time will be contacted personally.

Application forms:
Volunteers (till 06.01)
Food & drink (till 06.15)
Art workshops, lectures, performances & outdoor traders (till 06.15)
Press (till 06.30)

Contact us via e-mail if you have any other inquiries:

Pre-sale tickets are already available!

Pre-sale tickets are already available!

Will there be Tundra this year? Same place or somewhere else? What’s the line-up? Can I bring drinks in glass containers? Will parking be free again? Should I leave explosives at home? There are so many questions, but uncertainty is the middle name of Tundra, and Tundra is the nickname of uncertainty.


After the 10th anniversary last year, the festival of alternative electronic music is coming back to the scene of summer open-airs with fresh blood, maturity and… a shroud of mystery.

The fans of techno, broken beats, psychedelic trance, and chill-out are welcome to come to the camp in the sanctuary of nature in Zarasai District on July 10–13. There we will all attempt to reinvent ourselves and to come to terms with the inner Tundra that each of us carry deep inside.

As always, the Festival will host four music stages radiating fresh waves, as well as the additional beach stages that our fans are so fond of. The anticipated programme of daytime activities will be rich with sports events, art workshops and exercise for the minds of all ages.

More information about the event will follow shortly.

The organisers have a right to refuse entry to any persons without additional explanation. People under 18 will only be admitted if accompanied by an adult!

Pre-sale tickets are limited. Take an opportunity to purchase them at a lower price: