Lost memories and found stuff

Time runs fast and the colourful dream of the anniversary Tundra is dissolving, while the crew of the Festival continues its work and arranges fading experiences as well as found items.

We are extremely grateful to all who contributed to the Festival, did their share of work and offered their support in the most difficult moments. A word of gratitude must be offered to the Aglo security guys, the employees of the Festival who bore the sleepless nights and days with their iron patience, and of course the crew of volunteers who beat the world records of work quality again. And last but not the least we would like to thank the visitors of the Tundra festival! Thank you for daring the sour weather forecasts, for dancing away the days and nights in good spirits, and – despite the imperfect skies – for almost exclusively positive reactions. This is the best birthday present for us!

We also hope that you will reclaim the stuff you lost. Here is the list of items that were found and brought to us. If you see anything you are missing, contact us via e-mail, and we will do our best to find a way to return your stuff to you. If you can’t find your belongings here now, please come back later – more entries will probably be added later.

These are the things you must be missing the most:

  • Cropp Footwear boots (new);
  • Grey "Animal" backpack (new);
  • Cell phone Nokia C3-00;
  • Cell phone Nokia C2-01;
  • Cell phone Samsung (unidentified model). A simple gadget, black;
  • A wallet with cash and documents of Agnė Vaitiekūnaitė;
  • Maestro card of Tomas Kulesa;
  • A mechanical watch with a black wristband and a large dial;
  • Two linked silver-coloured keys;
  • One silver-coloured key;
  • Three linked silver-coloured keys;
  • Mottura door key with a black head.

There is also a list of less valuable items that may be precious to their owners:

  • Black Polaroid Polarized Sunglases case (empty);
  • Red and golden hair clip;
  • Brown leather wristband;
  • Black headband;
  • Black cover of an unidentified cell phone;
  • Black textile wallet with no documents, a handful of coins and a few condoms;
  • A wide patterned earring;
  • A dotted black and golden disk earring.

See you next year!

Electronic music reserve is in tune!

A compass is a must in any forest, and no electronic music reserve can do without a programme. The second most anticipated news of the Festival – the line-ups – is finally here!

The schedules are final, but be advised that adjustments might be inevitable due to a myriad of unforeseen circumstances. In such case, up to date line-ups will be available at the Festival’s information centre at any time. The schedules will also be published in the Festival’s booklet that will be given to every visitor free of charge at the Festival entrance.

The line-ups of all four main stages and both beach stages can be found in the section “Playlist” of our website.

Order Tundra designer T-shirts now!

Order Tundra designer T-shirts now!

For the first time in the history of the Festival you are offered a unique opportunity to acquire hand-made designer T-shirts created by Inesa Vasiljeva in collaboration with the Techstylism crew. These exceptional garments will absolutely take an honourable place in the wardrobes of festival-goers. The designers did their best to capture the magical atmosphere of the Tundra festival and put a lot of time and thought into every detail. The T-shirts are made of quality materials and will serve you for many years under proper care.

The T-shirts come with the pointed or rounded hood, but hurry up, because their number is limited to 40!

Orders can be placed by e-mail: info [eta] techstylism [dot] lt. Be sure to include “Tundra T-shirts” in the subject of the message and provide:

  • your first and last name,
  • size (men's — M, L, women's — S, M),
  • shape of the hood (pointed or rounded)
  • the way of delivery: whether you are going to reclaim you purchase at the festival or would like to receive it by mail. In the latter case, please provide the postal address for delivery.

Invoice will be included in the order confirmation message and shipping cost (if any) will be added.

The fabric of the T-shirts is made of natural wood fibre similar to that used in the production of cellulose, therefore the viscose is highly breathable. 100% natural viscose garment gives the body a pleasant feeling. The fabric is soft and feels cool in hot weather, therefore viscose clothes are very comfortable in summer. Care: This fabric can be both hand-washed and machine-washed at the 30–40 °C temperature. Avoid strong wringing and crumpling, as viscose is weakened by water and may tear. Do not tumble dry. Iron through an additional layer of fabric. Dry-cleaning may be applied.

Check out the photo gallery!

News of Tundra music reserve playlist

The playlist of the anniversary Tundra festival is still getting longer, and we are glad to announce new species that will join the ecosystems of the music reserve.

The 10th anniversary of the Festival will be full of miracles and surprises, and we are glad to reveal some of them to you. The Psy Meadow stage will welcome the Russian representative of dark psy trance Kindzadza, also dubbed god and king of experimental psychedelic trance. 11 of his compositions were added to the Top 1000 trance music tracks of all times. Kindzadza believes that only dance can bring inner and outer peace, therefore his energetic trance will bring the Psy Meadow party to the point where it cannot be resisted by any live organism of the reserve. Tundra will also welcome Phobos from Italy-based label Looney Moon Records, and Shane Gobi, the founder of Alchemy Records and author of tonic rhythms. In case there is still enough energy after the long night dances in the meadow, the party will continue on the Psy Beach stage.

Wetland creatures will awaken from slumber to join the feast on the Bass Swamp stage launched by the dubstep master Kahn who was titled the best producer of 2012 in the Bass Music Awards. Kahn’s Dread was elected the best track of 2012. Another exciting news is dBridge! Representative of one of the strongest UK labels Metalheadz and the owner of Exit Records will occupy two stages: he will ripple the Bass Swamp as dBridge, the master of bass, and shatter the Techno Hill as a new, but nonetheless exciting and loveable project Velvit. We are also anticipating Clubroot from the UK, whose organic melodies combine subtle emotions and crude masculinity. He will be accompanied by the inhabitants of Lithuanian forests, including S13, Erelio Akis aka Daimon, Pakas, YouWin, Hathor & Sotus, Rus Dawg, Chipak and many more wonderful acts from vast wetlands across the world.

The Techno Hill is already crowned with quite a crew of famous names led by The Orb, Deadbeat and Perc. The dream team was recently joined by the aforementioned Velvit aka dBridge who is familiar to the older festival-goers and clubbers, but also mind-opening to the younger generation. He will definitely be the most fearsome beast of the reserve, so his show cannot be missed. Many techno species have evolved in the mild and favourable climate of Great Britain: dBridge will be joined by his countryman, electronic music producer and DJ Casual Violence, who will pour his perfectly mixed techno lava under the heat-resistant feet of the Tundra’s ants. The Techno Hill crew will be joined by the Russian techno bruiser Krankiss, hard techno maker Proton from Germany, Gesta from Latvia, Lithuanians Android & Anber, Hallucin, Calli, Anna Hanna, Cyber and other techno virtuosos.

Gentler conditions will prevail in the Chill Out Forest. Listeners will be enchanted by the magic melodies of the UK-based Polish composer Kuba, who’s warm and deep sounds will spread positive energy all over the forest. Faster rhythms will be brought under the threes by the record spinners The Asthmatix from Australia combining hip hop, Middle Eastern klezmer and jazz. Peaceful atmosphere will be restored by the Lithuanian reserve guards Gonzaless, Droop, InSearch, Junior Pecos and the audience-elected project Umiko.

Exhaustive playlist of the Festival can be found here. The 10th Tundra will be memorable, so start planning your trip to the magic peninsula of Lake Dūburys.

Tundra-bus tickets on sale

Tundra-bus tickets on sale
Tundra-bus tickets are already available for purchase. The charter coach service will take naturalists, musicologists, fairies and unicorns to the anniversary Tundra Festival and back after the three-day holiday. Remember the memorable and enjoyable school trips by coach? So pack you bag, grab your tent, invite a bunch of friends, wake the party gods from the long winter slumber and go visiting the electronic music reserve at Lake Dūburys.
The trip on a Tundra-bus is the most convenient and the merriest way to get to the meadows of the Festival. Leave your maps at home, forget the cost of gas, and get rid of the logistical headache of finding four passengers and stuffing their entire luggage into the tiny trunk of the car. The residents of the reserve will be grateful to you for the freshness of the lake after the Festival. Tundra-bus tickets can be purchased here.

Voting for your favourite acts is over!

Vote results:

  • > PSY-TRANCE stage - most votes were cast for the Argentinian duo Heterogenesis!
  • > TECHNO stage - most votes were cast for TOBIAS SCHMIDT!
  • > BASS stage - most votes were cast for BONG-RA!
  • > CHILL stage - most votes were cast for UMIKO!

Godfathers of ambient The Orb to perform in the anniversary Tundra festival

The festival of alternative electronic music Tundra turns 10 this year. It is an important event in the context or the relatively young festival culture in Lithuania, which will be marked on the peninsula of Lake Dūburys, Zarasai District, on July 11–14. The statistics is quite eloquent: during the decade the Festival hosted almost one thousand acts and over 30,000 festival goers, it has seen hundreds of thousands lake dives, unbearable droughts, flooding showers, and – most importantly – a countless number of memorable moments.

“10 is an important number and we are dead serious about it,” say the organisers. “Tundra has been returning to the peninsula for several years in a row and helped shape its unique and sound environment, which has to be conserved therefore the anniversary festival was given the status of a music reserve. We have no explanation for the unique gathering of psy trance, bass, techno, and ambient ecosystems on the peninsula at this time of the year, but we can guarantee that this unique phenomenon will go on for 4 days,” promised the organisers.

Pioneers of ambient music

The first species in the Red Book of the music reserve will be the British duo The Orb arriving with the entire Sound System crew – they will be performing on the festival’s Techno Stage. In the 80s, the act began mixing acid and Chicago house with the effects of early electronic synthesizers and now can certainly be called the pioneers of ambient techno. Depeche Mode, Primal Scream and David Gilmour from Pink Floyd are just a few of the many who have collaborated on the albums and remixes of the British duo. Last year, a new record was released together with Jamaican reggae producer Lee “Scratch” Perry.

From the legendary single Little Fluffy Clouds to the modern electronic dub treasury The Orbserver in the Star House, the relentless producers have been exhilarating the world with their unique ambient techno for 25 years. The tag of ambient music pioneers was earned for the act by the legendary Thomas Fehlmann and Youth from Killing Joke who were members of the band at some point of time, and by the curious and bold sound experiments that re-wrote the history of electronic music.

Four nights in the music reserve

However The Orb will not be the only weird phenomenon in the unique Tundra reserve. The performance of the techno music pearl Perc from Great Britain has already been confirmed. The sound of this DJ, touring the world non-stop, is a harmonious combination of modern techno and early electronic, while famous clubs, such as Berghain, Fabric, Tresor, Space Ibiza and the Tokyo-based Unit, across the world have become home to this talented record spinner. Deadbeat, the maestro of dub techno currently exploring the territories of dubstep will come from Canada, and Oculta, the founder of Braindrop label, will make his first trip to Europe from India. They will be joined by Kikx from the Italian record company Purple Hexagon Records. DJ Gold aka Gold Dubs from V Recordings family has also confirmed his appearance.

As always, protectors of harmony and peace of nature will stretch their hammocks in the refuge of the forest. The magic of sound will be conjured by the representatives of the subgenre of classic and electronic dub Voodoo Tapes and PARA from Italy; they will be joined by the live performers from Lithuanian forests Ministry of Echology meets Eazystyle ir Dubenėlis.

→ The line-up

Election of favourite acts

Tundra’s organisers would like to note the phenomenon unique in the history of festivals – the audience will have an opportunity to choose the acts they would like to see in the anniversary event. Follow the news of Tundra – the rules of election will be announced shortly!


Tundra festival aims to be beautiful and creative while providing an opportunity for artists to share their ideas and for the visitors to get inspiration and knowledge, or simply meet interesting people. So if you can cook or make good tea, if know the secrets of nature or want to show how to greet the rising sun, if you have the skills for tailoring, knitting or moulding, if you can make jewellery or want to get the festival goers dressed in stylish clothing… don’t hesitate to register here

Food & drink
Art workshops, lectures, performances & outdoor traders

The anniversary Tundra will find a spot for even the most peculiar ideas, activities and crafts – they just have to be unique, alternative, inspiring, educating, and environmentally friendly.

We will only consider applications that are filled in correctly and submitted before June 15.


Whether you are a veteran of the Tundra crew of volunteers or new to this kind of activities, you are welcome to sign up for the selection and celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Festival.

We trust our volunteers and love them for their responsibility, honesty, diligence and genuine desire to help wherever they are needed. We hope that you have these qualities and offer you an opportunity to apply them to achieve a beautiful goal and taste the spicy life of a volunteer. We are looking for a range of talents and skills, so if you can drive and give directions, if you are not afraid of pixies and elves, if stress doesn’t send you hiding in a tent – we will be glad to have you around.

Don’t hesitate and fill in the application form by June 1. Only the applications that are filled in correctly and delivered in a timely fashion will be scrutinised, while the selected candidates will be contacted personally.

Join the crew of volunteers of Lithuania’s biggest alternative electronic music festival. We’ll see you on June 11–14 in a place where the 10th Tundra will be built on the ideas of many nice people for the joy of thousands.

volunteer application form


Techno Hill

The OrbSound systemHeadliner

Big Life / Island / Deviant / / Kompakt UK

If Mother Earth had a musical taste The Orb would most certainly be one of the top artists on her list. Tundra park this time is going to host the most charismatic, unique, and probably the most awaited electronic music geniuses in the history of the festival – The Orb.

The Orb who started their musical career in the 90‘s are the A list legends. They took up playing in the times when most of us hadn‘t been born yet. The guys still haven‘t lost their genuine sound and their music, nevertheless created twenty years ago or last year is explicably fresh and deep. It swallows you up and takes you away, it creates a spell and steals your body to the magical giddiness of the sound.

Ambient house music style which was created by The Orb in the end of 90‘s didn‘t take long to become the soundtrack for the most determined ravers who tend to enjoy an escape to the electronic music heaven until the sun sets. There are many things to be said about The Orb but it‘s impossible to describe the magic coming from their music. July is almost here and all the visitors of the Tundra festival are going to get an amazing chance to sink into the ambient house waves prepared by The Orb.


Wagon Repair / BLKRTZ / ~scape / Echocord CA


Perc Trax / Kompakt / Ovum / Stroboscopic Artefacts / Drumcode / CLR UK

Velvit aka dBridgeDjHeadliner

Exit / Convex Industries UK

Casual ViolenceDjHeadliner

Sect / Detached / Singularity UK

Bass Swamp


Exit Records / Metalheadz / Autonomic / Nonplus UK


Punch Drunk / Deep Medi Musik / Idle Hands UK



Even the pixies lying in a deep sleep for a thousand years are going to come alive when a Dutch breakcore genius Bong-Ra is going to start his hellish devil feast session. In comparison to what is gonna be happening on the DnB stage during Bong-Ra‘s performance this year last years dances were just a warm up before the awaiting hell.

The musical career of the Dutch breakcore master Jason Kohnen better known as Bon-Ra started in 1996 when he left his doom metal band Celestial Sound. He went into a mazy but rich as well music jungles of the jungle music. It‘s hard to imagine what‘s happening in his head but now after all his musical searches Bong-Ra plays the unique music which raises from unimaginably uncombinable reagge, metal, jazz, gabba, and rave elements.

He‘s a global authority in the breakcore scene. He is the first Dutch musician who released a full-lenght DnB album, he has his own lable Clash Records owning a sister lable Kriss Records that unite a number of breakcore, metal, hardcore, and jungle music representatives. He is an extremely productive musician having released a pile of amazing tracks.


Lo Dubs / Solace UK

A creator of a fresh and bracing experimental music Clubroot from UK is going to visit the BASS SWAMP. He started his career in electronic music in 2009 and since then has been always compared with Burial because of his deep and dark sound.

DJ Gold aka Gold DubsDjHeadliner

V Recordings / Sub Slayers / Congo Natty UK

The calmness of the Tundra park is going to be puddled and the forest fiaries woken up from their eternal sleep by the feast set by DJ Gold. Unchildishly serious dancing session is going to visit the bass stage. The master of the bass is on his way and he is going to invite us all to a wild trip on DnB, pure UK Garage, Jungle and Break Beat wings.

Music producer and DJ Gold started his career in the end of the last century. During the musical career lasting more than ten years he has performed in a number of highest level jungle and DnB music events. He also got a chance to cooperate with plenty of music professionals.

Dedicated jungle music fans sure know what kind of party they must be looking forwards meanwhile those who haven‘t seen his stage tricks so far are going to realise why he is said to be one of the most talented experts capable of making the crow dance and beg for a never-ending party.

Phantom OthersShowcaseHeadliner


Psy Trance Meadow


Osom Music RU


Rizoma Records AR

This year a music geniuses duo from Argentina is going to visit Tundra festival. The guys are going to give us a musical lesson full of mystic and dark melodies during which they are going to invite us to a journey in the unknown worlds. You should be looking forwards to hypnotizing sounds and experimental fluid trips.


Looney Moon Records IT

Shane GobiDjHeadliner

Alchemy Records ZA


Blue Hour Sounds IT

Chill Out Forest


Aquietbump IT


Aquietbump IT

Chillout stage at the music park is going to turn into a magic space for the manipulations with dub and dub techno sounds by the Italian dub expert Para for a few hours. These sounds are going to swing, cuddle, fatter, and take us far far away.

Music creator, musician and sound engineer Mario Parascandolo, better known as his stage alter ego Para set off for a perfect sound search when he was only fourteen. This time he is going to water us up with the lullabies macerated into the morning dew and make us give up to the illusionaly naive fairytale.



The AsthmatixLiveHeadliner